After some procrastination, I am finally getting around to writing my first (hopefully of many) blog posts.

I decided to begin a blog to keep myself and others up to date on geospatial news, ideas and any other technologies that I find interesting. I also plan to host some small projects that I have been working on in my spare time, include some tutorials on GNSS and GIS applications as well as any topics I think people may find useful.

I decided to use a brand new blog provider as my platform. Two things made me choose Ghost over other options out there. First, Ghost is open source meaning I can download the source code, see what they are working on, see a road map for the future and see how bug fixes are proceeding. Secondly, it provided me with a lot of flexibility when it comes to integrating it into my website that I plan to make. I choose to self-host my blog rather than use the Ghost hosted version. My site is hosted on DigitalOcean which also provides me with full access to a virtual linux desktop which is useful for some of the projects I mentioned earlier.

One of my first full blog posts will be about my overall experience setting up the site, including some of the drawbacks/pitfalls of choosing ghost when it is still somewhat of a work in progress. Also, I have some work to do on customizing my ghost layout but for now I will leave this alone.

Anyway, back to enjoying the holidays, stay tuned in the new year!